Soil and Mulch Choices

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The Importance of Soil Quality

The quality of the soil is essential when you are planning a landscaping project. When we say soil quality, this refers to how well it does to what we are planning to use it for. People have different thoughts on soil quality as their needs for it also varies.

Curb Design uses premium garden soils in all of our landscaping projects. These soils create the ideal growing environment by increasing water absorption. It also adds much needed nutrients and maximizes soil aeration  that encourage hearty and sustained plant growth.

The Benefits of Mulch

Mulching is the practice of placing a loose surface onto the surface of your flower or vegetable garden to protect. Mulch will insulate the garden and can beautify the area. Mulch can be either of an organic or inorganic variety. Examples of mulches include gravel, compost, and grass clippings.

There are plenty of benefits to using mulch in your garden. However, with so many choices you may need help deciding which type to use. Properly installed mulch deters weed growth, retains moisture and regulates soil temperature. Premium cedar mulch also adds a fresh aromatic aspect to your outdoor living space.

Landscape Greenery

The type of grass, plants, trees you choose for your landscape designs can make a huge difference. Just as various types of tomatoes have separate characteristics and perform differently, it is the same with grass, plants, and trees.

We offer suggestions on trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and more to our clients when planning their landscaping project. With such a wide range of choices, you can create the exact look and feel you want for your outdoor space.

The perfect finishing touch on any landscaping project is the selection and installation of sod. Curb Design offers a large selection of premium, high quality sod options for our clients to choose from.