Our Landscaping Process - Every project begins with a set plan.

Landscape design is creating a blueprint of your landscaping project. This is where the analysis and planning take place. The design considers numerous aspects to truly map out every part before the construction phase begins.

Phase 1 Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape design is one of the first steps to any landscape construction project. The design is essentially a detailed map of where to add greenery, brick work, water features, landscape lighting or any other aspects you’d like on your property. Think of it in the sense of being interior design, but for your yard. In most cases, a successful landscape design is a culmination of properly completing different phases, starting with learning exactly what each client wants.

For smaller projects, we don’t need as much information to begin a project as we do with a larger project. However, in order for Curb Design Calgary to create the best landscape design for your property it’s important we follow the process we’ve carefully crafted with our years of experience.

Custom landscape design drawing for a landscape. Drawing outlines entire landscape in great detail.

Phase 2 Design Review

Once we lay the foundation for the design, it’s time for our landscape designers to begin reviewing the details of the design. We take this step to ensure that every aspect of the project will come together cohesively and accentuate your property with your goals in mind.

Before starting any work, we will meet to review the design. We discuss the overall concept, materials selected, plants chosen, and why we have selected this option. Your feedback during the review is critical in assuring that we have done our job and that you will be happy with the result.

Natural looking waterfall or water fountain surrounded with trees and shrubs. Large rock formations used in this landscape

Phase 3 Landscape Construction

The construction and installation process are scheduled once a signed contract is received. Once that is done, our staff begin locating and ordering all of the materials for your project, so there are no delays once we get started. If permits are required, they will need to be filed at this stage.

From the time the first shovel goes in the ground until the last bit of debris is swept, Curb Design Calgary is committed to the quality of your home landscape project and enhancing the value of your home or business.

By following these steps our Calgary landscaping company can quickly and efficiently complete the landscape construction phase. We wait until everything for your outdoor living space is in our hands before we begin construction. This allows us to get your project done in one shot, saving you from spending months waiting for materials to arrive for the next phase to be completed.

Side view of Astro turf or synthetic lawn. A football or soccer field with goal posts.