Landscaping Stone Options

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Stone Types & exciting landscape uses

Many homeowners and designers use landscaping stones for pathways or stairs, placing them in a way for easy foot traffic. Other uses for large stone features include retaining walls or even using boulders as large, stationary feature much as you would a tree or stature.

The stones you will have at your disposal will vary depending on where you live. Limestone, slate, sandstone, cobblestone, and flagstone are among the most common stone types used in landscaping. Each rock has its best applications in landscaping so let’s cover a few and get some ideas for your landscaping project.

Stunning small Calgary backyard with a custom-built cedar deck


These are a classic stone with simple rounded lines that that are very popular choice for walkways. If you have seen older cobblestone roads, then you know the image they create. They have a rugged elegance that is great for creating pathways through gardens or lawns, and they are simple to use.

Water fountain with large landscaping rocks and curb appeal. Green grass and walkway stones.


This is a trendy stone choice for landscaping. With it’s flat, level surface slate is often used to create retaining walls, or stepping-stones for an elegant pathway.  Their flat designs make it easy to stack flagstones one atop the other to form a solid vertical structure without the need for cement or mortar.


For decorative uses and creating visual appeal quartzite is an excellent choice. Quartzite has crystals on its exterior that reflect light in a sparkly manner. This makes Quartzite an great choice for fill stone in garden beds or under shrubs. They come in a wide range of sizes and colours to fit practically any landscaping project. Plus, they are very easy to use, pour and rake into place! Usually Quartzite has some reflective ability resembling a crystal. It makes for an excellent rock garden or edging for your flower beds.