All the magic starts with a concise Landscape Plan

Landscape design is creating a blueprint of your landscaping project. This is where the analysis and planning take place. The design considers numerous aspects to truly map out every part before the construction phase begins.

Landscape Architiecture & Design

Our landscaping company in Calgary integrates a wide variety of elements to achieve functional and beautiful spaces for outdoor living and entertaining. Curb Design’s professional landscape designers offer a broad range of planning and design services tailored to a spectrum of client needs.

Before any work truly begins, they look at the landscape architecture to get to the root of potential problems ahead of time. A landscape designer will create remarkable design solutions for your project. A thorough design helps avoid expensive mistakes and unnecessary confusion.

Making the most of outdoor living

A home’s square footage depends on the quality of the landscape design. The landscape design improves on the enjoyment of a home and the valuable and usable space. Outdoor living areas are an excellent investment. Especially if extensive planning and a professional installation is done. Studies have shown that a carefully developed outdoor space can increase a home’s value by up to twenty percent.

Perhaps you want a wildlife haven, a lovely play area for children, a captivating and practical outdoor space and recreational area or just a serene and peaceful corner for gardening. A professional landscape designer can help bring you garden dreams to reality while being practical in terms of budget, site analysis, and plant selection.

AutoCAD landscaping drawing or design. Showcasing landscape with custom deck and trees and shrubs

A Professional Landscape Designer

  • Analyzes the property from an architectural, environmental, horticultural and artistic viewpoint and uses these findings to create a Master Plan that is customized for the site.
  • Build site-specific solutions to the issues and possibilities of the site using education, experience, vision, talent, and creativity.
  • Provides an artistic eye and is able to visualize the finished concept of your outdoor space.
  • Helps by recommending design elements, vegetation and materials that work best for the.
  • Stays in budget, while also outlining the different stages that can be done to bring a projection to completion, while minimizing disruption for you
  • Helps avoid costly mistakes by providing a clear direction in which to proceed.
Side view of landscaping design drawing. Drawing used as blueprint of a landscaping project.

Personalized Experience, customized design

Our landscape designers work closely with each client to create a personal and customized design suited to their home, lifestyle and unique set of wants and needs. They provide guidance, an artistic touch, and a comprehensive plan of action while keeping your best interests at heart.

Proper landscape construction is about more than just the design, it also involves that in-depth look at the landscape architecture while factoring in issues the homeowner may have had in the past. Problems like moisture in the basement are sometimes unavoidable, but in some cases an outdoor area with proper drainage and grading can greatly reduce the risk of these types of problems.

A properly landscaped outdoor area is also less susceptible to pests and insects. What good is a beautiful outdoor kitchen going to be if you are constantly swatting away bugs? At Curb Design we factor in every detail of your project. This is our way of ensuring our clients are satisfied and enjoy their new outdoor space.

Large view of a Calgary landscape drawing or landscape design.
Custom landscape design drawing for a landscape. Drawing outlines entire landscape in great detail.

Constructed with Pride

It’s these small, sometimes unseen factors that make a professionally landscaped outdoor space crucial to not only your experience as a homeowner, but to the protection of your two biggest investments, your home and your family. We take great pride in our work and this is what makes Curb Design is the premiere landscaping design and landscape construction company in Calgary. But don’t just take our word for it, give us a call today and find out how we can transform your property.