Composite Fencing for Beautiful and Low-Maintenance Privacy

Your home is your sanctuary. A place for tranquil reflection as well as boisterous gatherings with friends and family. Privacy and aesthetics play major roles in making your home and yard a comprehensive oasis. Composite fencing offers one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform your property.

Composite Fencing Lasts a Lifetime

Composite fencing is a smart investment for a number of reasons. One of the reasons more and more residential, commercial, and multi-family homes are installing composite fencing is the durability. Composite fencing fuses together a combination of materials to create an ultra-durable fencing solution, which can stand up to even the most rigorous conditions and knocks. This equates to superior longevity for a worthwhile investment.

Wood fencing is typically cheaper than composite or vinyl fencing. However, by the time you account for the new paint and section replacements over time—not counting the painstaking labour—you will likely spend more on wood fencing long term. Plus, if you are looking for fencing in a high visibility area, where you’d like to make significant upgrades to your property’s aesthetics, you would likely need to get a more exotic type of wood fence, which can get very expensive. Why go with wood fencing when you can find composite fencing that perfectly mimics the beauty of real wood?

You might also be considering vinyl fencing for your property. But even with vinyl fencing being easier to clean than wood fencing, vinyl surfaces are prone to mold and mildew. Not only does composite fencing do a great job of preventing mold and mildew thanks to the special blend of materials fused together, it is incredibly easy to clean—no painstaking cleaning necessary to achieve that original, factory fresh look. Another big advantage for composite fencing over vinyl is it’s typically made from a blend of recycled and recyclable materials, which can make them far more environmentally friendly than vinyl and even wood fences.

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Choose from a Variety of Styles of Composite Fencing

Enhancing the curb appeal of your property can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your property. Composite fencing is a smart investment for its ability to instantaneously increase curb appeal and property value. You can choose from a wide variety of fencing to find one that will perfectly complement your home and landscaping. Instantly transform your property’s aesthetics.

In addition to instant beautification, you will also love composite fencing for its ability to add instant privacy all around your property. While trees, plants, and shrubs can provide natural privacy, there are inevitably spaces in between growth that allow unwanted attention. And if you don’t want to wait years for your trees and shrubs to grow big enough to create a degree of privacy, the cost for mature trees and shrubs adds up quickly. Composite fencing offers the ultra-convenience of same-day privacy.

The durability of composite fencing not only enables it to last for many years, it also makes it an easy and effective security measure. Composite fencing is more difficult to penetrate than wood, and you can also find tall composite fencing that combines with durability to help keep out unwanted visitors.

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With proper care, your new composite fence should last a lifetime. We understand the importance of expert guidance when making a lifetime purchase. Contact us today to tell us whether you need your composite fence for residential, commercial, or multi-family complexes. And let us know if you have any special requirements. We’ll not only ensure you get the right type of composite fencing for your unique needs, but we can also apply our landscape design expertise to help you find something that will complement your overall landscaping—tie it all together and beautify your entire property. Composite fence your way to durable beauty that lasts a lifetime—contact us today.

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