Safe and Fun Artificial Grass for Pets

Your pets are part of your family. You want to ensure they have an outdoor area where they can enjoy themselves. Artificial grass for pets is the perfect solution for both you and your pets. Curb Design’s synthetic pet grass offers an ultra-convenient method for giving you a beautiful area to play and interact with your pets.

Realistic Feeling Artificial Grass for Happy Pets

The right artificial grass for pets provides a realist touch and feel experience for your pets. They will get the same sensory interaction with artificial turf, making outdoor time just as fun for your pets, without the hassle of natural grass. Synthetic turf for pets offers just the right texture and height to mimic real grass to keep your pets happy every time they go outside. When you don’t have time for a walk, they’ll keep themselves plenty busy out on your new pet turf.

Convenient to Clean Synthetic Turf with PureZEO for Pets

Your pets are worth the effort of caring for them. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could provide even better care with less effort? That’s what artificial grass with PureZEO can do for you and your pets. PureZEO is an artificial grass infill made from 100% Zeolite, which is a completely natural and organic infill. What is artificial grass infill? Infill is comprised of small pieces of fine material—in this case, PureZEO—which is placed on top of the artificial grass. The infill is small enough to fit and lay within and in between the blades of artificial grass. But even though it’s small enough to fit in between the synthetic turf blades, all the small pieces work together to help the grass blades stay standing up. All this combines to make for a more realistic looking and feeling synthetic turf setup. And the infill also helps add some extra cushion for those paws and for when you and your pets go frolicking and rolling around your yard.

There are extra benefits to PureZEO infill. The Zeolite minerals in PureZEO have supreme absorption properties, which is very effective with the ammonia in pet urine. Those same properties also do wonders for preventing unpleasant odors. And not only does PureZEO’s absorption capabilities assist with your pet’s urine, it also services to encapsulate and hold on to moisture. It then slowly releases that moisture throughout the day. This extended moisture release serves to keep your artificial grass cooler throughout even the hottest days. You’ll keep both feet and paws comfortably cool while maintaining a hygienic environment for you and your pets. Not just safe for you and your pets, the 100% natural Zeolite minerals in PureZEO are also environmentally friendly.

You’ll also love how easy it is to keep your pets paws clean. With no dirt and mud like natural grass lawns, you won’t have to worry about your pets tracking mud into your house anymore. This is one of the simplest ways to save some time and energy with your pet care.

Versatile Synthetic and Applications Pet Grass Installations

We have helped countless customers with their Calgary artificial grass for pets. You get to enjoy flexible options for the placement of your artificial turf. Choose wherever’s most convenient for you and your furry family members. We can help you throughout the entire process with expert design, construction, and installation. Ensure it’s done right, and you’ll get years of dependable use from your new synthetic grass for pets.

Dual-Purpose Artificial Grass for Added Value

Your pets will love how realistic your artificial pet grass feels and reacts to their activity. But one of the excellent elements about synthetic turf for pets is that it’s aesthetically pleasing for you as well. Unless you put a sign up claiming “pets only,” no one will be able to tell it’s artificial pet grass. That means you get to enjoy the lovely, perpetually well-manicured look of professional synthetic turf all year round. Give your furry family members the gift of artificial grass for pets — contact us today.

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