The Game Is Always on with Artificial Turf for Sports

Artificial turf provides the ideal surface for virtually all types of sports. Synthetic grass can be used for both residential applications and at commercial sports facilities. It offers one of the easiest ways to ensure field conditions are always ideal for athletic events.

Optimal Durability with Artificial Turf for Athletics

The grass is always green on synthetic turf fields. The perpetually pristine look of synthetic turf adds a great deal to the aesthetics of any residential, educational, or commercial area. But when it comes to sports, the evergreen component of artificial grass is critically important for a whole different reason—playable surface integrity. With natural grass sports fields, there’s a constant need to monitor and maintain surface recovery time. If you overplay a natural grass field, or even play just once during inclement weather, you could damage the field for an extended period of time. That could potentially mean having to play home games at a different field. And it already costs significant money to maintain a healthy field. Having to repair a ripped up and overused field often adds up to an exorbitant amount. But with artificial turf, there’s absolutely no concern with recovery time. Synthetic turf sports fields are made from highly durable materials that deliver the degree of resiliency necessary to stand up to even the most rigorous athletic activities. Back-to-back games can be played all day every day on synthetic turf sports grass, and it will still stand up strong for many years. That alone makes artificial grass fields a smart investment.

Minimal and Easy Maintenance

No more mowing huge natural grass fields. Not only does that mean artificial turf fields are always ready to play on, it also means long-term savings from not having to pay for gas, mowing, or other grass maintenance services. And with professional installation, including proper drainage techniques, you won’t have to worry about runoff or water collecting.

And while the grass is always green on synthetic fields, the material used to construct these turf fields also makes them very easy to mark and delineate for any number of field measurements and marks, whether that’s football field hash marks, keepers’ boxes for soccer, or sidelines for virtually any sport. With long-lasting, clearly visible field markings, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of constantly repainting your field marks and lines, which also helps ensure a higher degree of accuracy for the players and officials; no more guessing where the lines really are.

Artificial Grass for Safer Sports

Even the finest athletes can get tripped up on natural grass playing fields. Natural grass is responsible for countless sports injuries, from sprained ankles to season-ending twists and snaps. Synthetic turf transforms virtually any space into a safe and stable playing field. The always uniform consistency of synthetic turf sports fields goes a long way in helping prevent unnecessary injuries. Plus, the latest advances in artificial turf can offer less friction and burn than natural grass. Synthetic turf offers just the right balance between competitive firm and comfortable give, adding great speed and precision to play while helping keep all types of athletes playing strong.

Professional Design and Construction for Synthetic Sports Turf

Curb Design has helped countless residential and commercial customers achieve the perfect playing field for virtually endless types of athletics. Ask us about artificial grass for golf. We’ll help you enjoy an easy, cost-effective alternative to natural grass. From initial consultation and needs assessment to design and installation, we can help you convert just about any area to an all-weather, all-sport destination. It’s always game on with synthetic turf for sports—contact us today.

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