Artificial Grass for Golf – Synthetic Putting Greens

Grab your clubs. Walk outside. Hole in one. It can be that easy with your own artificial grass putting green. And it truly is easy with Curb Design’s years of Calgary landscaping experience behind the entire process of getting your own synthetic grass putting green.

Synthetic Turf Putting Greens for Every Type of Golfer

Are you a professional golfer questing for a competitive advantage and need every minute of practice possible with your short game? Or, perhaps you’re an avid enthusiast looking to knock a number of strokes off your golf game? We can design and construct virtually any type of synthetic putting green to meet your unique golf needs. We’ve also helped people who’ve played only a few times, but immediately knew they loved the game. Going out on a full course can be daunting when you’re just starting, which is one of the reasons beginner golfers so thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to practice what’s often the trickiest part of the game in the comfort of their own yard. Residential artificial putting greens are also ideal for teaching kids and young adults. Synthetic golf greens are fun for the entire family.

Custom Synthetic Grass Golf Greens

Your putter or chipping wedge might be rigid, but we’re always flexible to your unique home golf needs. That means you can take a swing at selecting your own artificial turf golf green design. We’d be happy to transform your vision for a custom synthetic golf green into a functioning reality. You can look forward to easy collaboration, working together to ensure you get the putting green of your dreams.

Choose from a variety of artificial grass types to get the exact feel you’re looking for. Our synthetic golf grass precisely mimics the surface of professional courses to deliver the same play, bounce, and roll pro golf players experience. You can also elect a combination of different types of turf textures and heights to give you the same feeling of chipping or pitching from a fairway or rough out onto the shorter putting area.

Low-Maintenance and Long-Term Value Synthetic Golf Grass

It’s hard to get to the golf course as often as we’d like. But even with the time and energy to go all the time, green fees add up quickly. Putting on your synthetic golf green instead of the course can help you save significant money. You’ll experience additional cost savings through the low maintenance, easy upkeep of artificial golf grass—no need to seed, feed, mow, or water. With your new synthetic golf putting green serving multiple purposes across aesthetics and functionality, the long-term cost savings can eventually pay for itself.

Rest assured your synthetic golf green will stay looking and performing like new for years to come. We apply our deep knowledge of the best materials suited to the Calgary climate and pair that knowledge with professional care and detailed attention to every inch of construction, which is vital when an inch can make the difference between a hole-in-one or a missed putt.

Full-Service Calgary Landscape Design and Installation for Your Synthetic Golf Grass

As full-service Calgary landscaping professionals with years of experience installing synthetic putting greens, we’re ready to help make recommendations for your golf green design. You can tell us about your unique golf goals, including the style of play you prefer, and we’ll integrate your personal feedback into our design. But it’s not just about your artificial turf putting green. Our approach takes into consideration your whole yard. We’ll survey your entire property when planning your artificial grass putting green to ensure it perfectly complements your surrounding landscaping.

While putting greens are very much focused on functionality, we always put an emphasis on value with each of our projects. You can do a lot for the value of your home by significantly enhancing your property’s curb appeal via a comprehensively orchestrated landscaping theme. Need help with landscaping, too? Check out our other professional Calgary landscaping services for a complete yard upgrade.

That’s one of the epic benefits of Curb Design’s synthetic putting greens. Not only will you have endless opportunities to chip and putt at your leisure, but you’ll also do wonders for improving the aesthetics of your whole yard. With a synthetic green, the grass is always at the perfectly manicured height, perpetually delivering just the right look. You’ll be amazed at how well your artificial grass putting green will dress up your surrounding yard. Even when you’re not putting or chipping, just having your morning coffee or afternoon beverage, you’ll love looking out over your consistently beautiful golf green.

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From our initial needs analysis with you to the initial planning and from design to construction and implementation, we’ll make the entire process easy and stress-free. All while delivering courteous service at the best value. And we’re always here for you as your landscaping needs change—or, if you master your new synthetic putting green layout, we’d love to come back and help you construct a new design in the future. Putt, chip, and enjoy beautiful golf at its most convenient. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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