Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass for Play Areas

Playtime should be playtime. You shouldn’t have to frequently labour away at backbreaking work to get your play area to the point where it’s safe and completely functional. Artificial grass for play areas allows you to get right to playtime, every time. You will enjoy a consistent experience each time you step, jump, roll, and play out onto your synthetic turf. Your entire family is sure to love the virtually limitless possibilities afforded by an artificial turf play area.

Artificial Grass for Safer and Cleaner Play

Significant work is required to create a safe and clean play area on natural grass. And even after you’ve created a new natural grass play area, there’s a lot of ongoing maintenance that goes into keeping it both clean and safe. Synthetic grass play areas let you take back countless hours of playtime thanks to very little ongoing maintenance required. Depending on the surroundings, oftentimes all that’s required is a quick sweep off instead of laborious raking. And no more lawnmowing, which not only means significant time saved, but also money saved on no longer having to buy fuel, which also means less harmful emissions. You’ll also improve the safety of your family’s play area by eliminating harmful fertilizers. Plus, insects and rodents typically leave artificial grass alone, which means you can also eliminate pesticides. That equates to a much safer play area for your friends and family, doing wonders for the environment as well. You’ll also help the environment and your wallet through significant water conservation since you’ll never need to water your new synthetic grass play area

Realistic and Comfortable Playtime on Artificial Grass

With many different types of artificial grass to choose for your play area, you can select the color, texture, and height you want to complement you and your family’s style of play. Customize your playtime experience with surfaces that perfectly mimic the real thing, without any of the hassle. Your friends and family are sure to notice an extra bounce in every ball, with a predictable bounce that makes playtime even more fun. And while your new artificial turf will closely mimic real grass, turf can also add some entertaining speed to your play thanks to the smooth and consistent surface. That consistent surface also means you’re sure to notice a lot less tripping. The smooth and consistent surface of synthetic turf play areas prevents the bumps, holes, and uneven surfaces often found throughout natural grass. Of course, kids always find a way to trip and fall, leap and jump for balls, and tumble around—the right installation of your synthetic turf playground will ensure safe and comfortable falls.

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